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After Care

We always deliver more than what's expected.

With Proper Care, Your New Lashes Can Last Up To 5 Weeks!

After getting your lashes done at Lashes by Shigeru, you will immediately notice a change in your daily beauty routine. When you wake up, you will discover the convenience of no longer needing mascara or an eyelash curler. With Lashes by Shigeru’s eyelash extensions, you can even prevent damage to your natural eyelashes normally caused by the use of heavy mascara and eyelash curlers.

Cashmere Lashes

To keep your new lashes long-lasting, follow these tips after your treatment:

  1. The first 24 hours following the application of eyelash extensions is critical to their longevity. Although your eyelashes are dry when you leave us, the glue is not cured so you must avoid getting water on your eyes and eyelids for 24 hours.
  2. When washing your face and showering during this time frame: avoid water coming into contact with the eye area. Be extremely careful when cleansing your face. Allowing your extensions to become wet during this initial phase could potentially cause irritation. It’s extremely rare but do not risk it. Water can also cause the extension to move from its perfect placement. If you must wash your hair, we recommend to plan ahead and wash it before your appointment.
  3. Sauna, Steam, Bikram Yoga, and Pools must be avoided for 48 hours. This is for safety reasons as well as for the longevity of your lash application.
  4. When cleansing please do not allow cotton anywhere near your new lashes. The cotton fibers may hook onto the base of the lash and tear it free. All face wipes, cotton pads and flannels should be avoided. Simply use an oil free, gentle cleanser or baby shampoo and lightly massage the make up away with your eye closed. Splash some water and then pat dry DON’T RUB with a towel underneath your eyes.
  5. Give your extensions a thorough cleansing every day. Using an oil free foaming or gel cleanser, lightly massage at the base of extensions and along the eyelid. Splash with plenty of water and very carefully pat dry. This is a very important part of your eyelash extension aftercare so don’t skip it. Some people are under the impression they should be left alone but this is not the case. Using this method efficiently removes eyeshadow and eyeliner.
  6. Golden rule: DON’T PLAY with them. Especially in the first 24 hours! We know it’s tempting… They’re new, shiny and soft and you want to touch them. Too much touching may result in damage to your natural lashes. We take every possible care to ensure their health during application. Our goal is for your own eyelashes to be healthier for wearing extensions.
  7. We provide you with a comb to brush them out. Just brush the tips if you feel they need it. DON’T comb to the base as you risk unhooking the seamless bond your lash artist spent time perfecting. Following exposure to a lot of water, i.e. showering or swimming, your lashes may need a quick comb. Your lashes dry quickly but if you wish to speed up the process you can dry them with your hair dryer on the cool option. Use the lowest power setting.
  8. Please don’t use mascara on your extensions. Your extensions are designed to look long and natural without clumps or smudges. It also means we can’t rebalance your extensions and they will shed very quickly.
  9. Do not sleep on your lashes. Sleeping on your lashes may move the position or crease your new lashes.

This may sound like a lot of work but you’ll actually find your new lashes save you so much time. You no longer need to curl or use mascara! When you’ve gone through the eyelash extension after care routine once, you’ll see how easy it is to protect and ENJOY your new lashes.

Other Helpful Tips

  1. Be very careful when using a towel since the fibers can easily get hooked between your lashes.
  2. After washing your face or showering, let lashes air dry or use a hair dryer set on coolest option to carefully dry your lashes from bottom upwards. Brush your lashes regularly.
  3. If a lash has turned out, use your lash comb to correct it.
  4. Avoid turning to one side or face down while sleeping. This may give unnecessary pressure to your lashes for a long duration and they may not return to their original shape afterwards.
  5. Try to avoid any stimulus to your lashes, such as scratching, as eyelash extensions can easily to fall out.
  6. When applying eyeliner, avoid touching the eyelash extensions. Hold the pen at an angle to the eyelid following the eyelash bottom line, and smoothly draw from one side of the eye to the other.
  7. Avoid using mascara or use only extensions-safe mascara.
  8. Use only oil-free products around the lash area.
  9. Do not use eyelash curlers with your extensions. With proper application, you will not need them.
  10. Clean lashes regularly to prevent oil and dirt build up. Clean lashes are great looking lashes.

Before Your Next Fill or Full Set Appointment

  1. Please remove any makeup from eye area, and come with fresh, clean lashes to your appointment.
  2. Brush your lashes thoroughly.
  3. If you would like to change your lash style, please let us know.

Our appointments are booked and confirmed by text, by phone, or our online booking system. Each technician is scheduled with consistent hourly appointments so your wait time is rarely more than 5 minutes. If we happen to run late, we will notify you by text or phone at least one hour before your scheduled appointment.

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